This process is for those applicants who have been notified by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division as eligible for the position of Police Officer in the City of Springfield.  When you are notified, you will be instructed to sign the Civil Service list at the Paul J. Fenton Public Safety Annex at 50 East Street.  After you have signed the certification, you will have seven business days to complete and return the application packet to the Paul J. Fenton Public Safety Annex at 50 East Street in Springfield, Ma.

The Personal History Statement is the only form that may be and should be filled in using the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

  • Please do not use your web browser to fill out the Personal History Statement form; use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Save the Personal History Statement  fillable PDF form file to your computer by right clicking on the link and selecting  Save target as.
  • Use your computer to fill in each field, and remember to save  the file to preserve your entries.
  • Print the completed Personal History Statement and then sign the last page (page 20) in the presence of a notary public.  Also sign and date page 2.
  • An electronic signature is not acceptable on this form, or on any of the other forms that comprise the application packet.

Print the following Adobe Acrobat PDF documents below to paper.

  • Fill in all the requested information by hand with a black ink pen.
  • Sign your name by hand, with a black ink pen, on each document.
  • Additional specific instructions are on page two of the Personal History Statement.
  • You are responsible for reviewing and verifying that your application packet is complete.
  • Make a set of copies for your own records.
  • Deliver the original signed application packet to the Springfield Police Department at the Paul J. Fenton Public Safety Annex, 50 East Street, Springfield, Ma.

Application Cover Sheet
1. Personal History Statement (20 pages)  (Fillable PDF Form)
2. Notice, Pension Reform Communities
3. Notice, Tobacco Use
4. Preemployment Drug Screening Consent Form
5. Authority to Release Information
6. Elimination Guidelines
7. Unsatisfactory Completion of Application Process
8. Residency Preference
9. Cooper Standards Physical Assessment Instructions
10. Cooper Standards Physical Assessment
11. Cooper Standards Physical Assessment Medical Endorsement
12. Cooper Standards Physical Assessment Acknowledgment

Any questions regarding these documents should be directed in a timely manner to a member of the Springfield Police Department’s Human Resources staff at 413-750-2526.

Police Officer Training Program