The Crime Analysis unit generates CompStat reports for the SPD Command Staff, crime bulletins, Be on the Lookout (BOLO) notices, maps, reports, predictive analytic crime bulletins, pattern analysis, and bulletins to assist police in regular deployments and for special events.

The Crime Analysis unit also generates reports and crime maps for the nine monthly sector meetings, described in the Community Involvement and Community Policing pages.  Crime maps are also available online at

Crime Analysis also performs research and investigations using a variety of tools and applications.

Real Time Analysis Center (RTAC) Mission statement
To provide timely, accurate, and actionable information to officers responding to calls for service to improve officer safety, efficiency, and response to incidents.  RTAC serves as the information hub for the Springfield Police Department, utilizing its resources and collective knowledge to enhance the department’s effectiveness at reducing crime and improving public safety.  RTAC combines skilled staff and cutting-edge technology to achieve these goals on a daily basis.

RTAC is staffed from 8 AM until 11:45 PM, seven days a week.

Administrative Staff
Director William (Bill) Schwarz, telephone 413-886-5282
Supervisor Reina Diaz, telephone 413-735-1541
Supervisor Alex Sanginario, telephone 413-735-1539

Additional Crime Analysis telephone number: 413-787-6336