The Springfield Police Department periodically recruits men and women to serve as Police Officers.

The City of Springfield and The Springfield Police Department are equal opportunity employer’s and take pride in their diversified work force.

Mission Statement:
To provide public safety and to contribute to the quality of life for the citizens of the City of Springfield by protecting, serving and working with the community to develop philosophies which promote equity and establish partnership between citizens and police to enhance law enforcement, aid in prevention of crime, and preserve the public peace.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age on date of exam
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must have a High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalency Certificate approved by Mass Department of Education
  • Must have no felony convictions and  be of good moral character
  • Must have a valid Massachusetts Driver’s license
  • Must be able to pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT) Human Resources Department (HRD) medical exam required

The Police Department gives Springfield resident’s preference when appointing Police Officers. Springfield residents must have lived in the city one year prior to exam and comply with HRD residency requirements. You do not need to be a resident of Springfield to apply.

Candidates will be subjected to a background evaluation.

Firearms and uniforms are provided with an additional annual uniform allowance provided for maintenance and cleaning.

Health and Dental Plan:
Eligible for police officers and family members in which the City of Springfield contributes.

Pension Plan:
City has an independent pension system to which both the employee and the city contributes.

Work Incentive Program:
Limited use of sick leave provides three periods per year for payments of one hundred dollars.

Employees will receive vacation time as follows:

  • new hires: 2 weeks of vacation
  • Five years  of service: 3 weeks
  • Ten years of service: 4 weeks
  • Fifteen years of service: 5 weeks
  • Twenty years of service: 6 weeks

Court Time:
Minimum payment of four hours at the overtime rate for a court appearance on a scheduled day off

Overtime (Holiday):
Overtime service on a holiday specified shall be compensated at the rate of double the straight time hourly rate.

Extra Work Detail:
Officers are compensated at the rate of one and one half times the officer’s regular hourly rate of pay with a minimum of four hours.

Deferred Compensation:
Program is voluntary and allows employees to set aside income through payroll deduction that is tax deferred.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:
The Springfield Police Department requires drug testing. The purpose of this program is to establish the fact that the department and its employees have the right to a drug free environment in the workplace.

Group, life and term insurance are available at the employee’s expense. Supplemental insurance is also available.

Job Opportunities:
Patrol Officers – Investigate crimes, make arrests, patrol communities, work with community beat management teams to solve problems, mediate disputes, attend community meetings, investigates traffic accidents, and provide general police services.

Advancement Opportunities:
All Officers start in patrol but , there are numerous promotional opportunities from Sergeant to Deputy Chief through competitive and appointive processes  through Civil Service exams.

Specialized Assignments:
Motorcycle Officers, Bicycle Officers, K-9 Dog Handlers, SWAT Tactical Teams, Street Crime Units, Student Support Units, Juvenile/Domestic Violence Unit (Family Services), Vice, Homicide, and Traffic Accident investigations, and the Special Victims Unit.

Lateral Officer Program:
Candidates must meet all requirements as per Human Resources Department (HRD) which will include an extensive testing process, and an abbreviated training and orientation program. Background and Interview process as well as a Physical fitness test, Medical examination, Psychological Evaluation and Drug Screening is required. Prior work history will also be reviewed.

Personal Rewards:

  • Being a role model in law enforcement and a leader in the community.
  • Experiencing things that most people will never see or do in a lifetime.
  • Making a difference in a person’s life is the most rewarding aspect of the job.
  • Having a profession that serves the community to provide  assurance, stability and peace of mind.