Retired K9 Mr. Warner Undergoing Surgery in March

Springfield, Mass. — Retired Springfield Police K9 Mr. Warner spent 8 years serving and protecting our community. He retired in December 2021.  He is scheduled for a significant surgery in March after developing numerous health issues.
Mr. Warner assisted in hundreds of arrests throughout his career with Officer Eric Blair. He also assisted in numerous missing persons searches and other investigations alongside the Massachusetts State Police. He received the 2021 Animal Hero Award by the Dakin Humane Society and the North American Police Dog Association’s Outstanding Service Award in 2019.
Mr. Warner has been apart of the Springfield Police Department since 2014. He got his unique name from the Warner School 5th grade class that won an essay contest to choose his name. Officer Blair added “Mr.” to his name as well.
Since his retirement he has been dealing with numerous health issues. Mr. Warner developed a large hematoma on his back right hip after falling on ice in January of 2022 while on his daily walk. He has had numerous emergency and veterinary visits in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Mr. Warner underwent radiographs, blood draws, ultrasound, and 2 additional aspirations during the visit. The Veterinarian diagnosed Mr. Warner with a possible perianal hernia vs. anal sac tumor/abscess vs. other cyst. She then suggested a consultation for surgical intervention. While waiting for the consultation appointment, the hematoma grew and hardened, causing pain and discomfort to Mr. Warner. On February 23, 2022, Mr. Warner was seen at the Veterinary Center in Windsor, Connecticut for his surgical consultation. During that visit, he underwent another aspiration and medical treatment. The Dr. recommended that he undergo a CT Scan under anesthesia and tissue biopsy. Due to Mr. Warner’s age and the location of the hematoma, there is a greater risk associated with the surgery. Some of the surgical risks involve loss of bowel function and paralysis. Although this was a tough decision to make, his family wants Mr. Warner to have a chance at a comfortable retirement. Mr. Warner is scheduled for his exploratory surgery to remove the tumor for March 28, 2022 in Sturbridge, MA.
If you would like to assist in these growing medical costs, we can point you to the official Go Fund Me Page for Mr. Warner.
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