SPD FIU Detectives Seize Large Capacity Ghost Gun Friday Night

Springfield, Mass. — On Friday September 16th at approximately 9:45 p.m. members of the Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit under the direction of Sgt. Christopher Hitas seized a loaded large capacity firearm and arrested 19-year-old Luis Hernandez near the intersection of Noble and Main Streets.

Earlier that day FIU Detectives received information that Hernandez was illegally in possession of a firearm.  Detectives were able to locate Hernandez as a passenger in a car and conducted a traffic stop.  Detectives recovered a Ghost Gun loaded with 16 rounds of ammunition on the floor board directly behind Hernandez.  An additional 10 round magazine was seized from the car.  Hernandez was placed under arrest.  The driver was released.

19-year-old Luis Hernandez of Springfield is charged with:

  • Carrying a Firearm without a License
  • Carrying a Loaded Large Capacity Firearm on a Public Way