SPD FIU Detectives Arrest Knox Street member with a Firearm, while Out on Bail for Firearms Charges

Springfield, Mass. — On Friday April 29th at approximately 5:10 p.m. members of the Springfield Police Department’s Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) under the direction of Lt. Brian Beliveau seized a loaded large capacity firearm and arrested 24 year old Joshua Rosado on the 700 block of East Columbus Avenue.  At the time of the arrest Rosado was out on bail for an open firearms case in Hampden Superior Court and a previous firearms conviction.

For the past several days FIU Detectives have been conducting an illegal firearms investigation with Rosado as a suspect.  Rosado is a known member of the Knox Street Posse, which is a street gang in Springfield.  The Hampden District Attorney’s SAFE Unit have been investigating this gang for the past year and a half.  FIU Detectives and members of the SAFE Unit shared intelligence which led to information on a suspect vehicle Rosado was in.

FIU Detectives located the suspect vehicle with Rosado driving on Locust Street.  Assisting Detectives arrived and conducted a traffic stop in a parking lot on the 700 block of East Columbus Avenue.  Due to Rosado having a suspended license he was placed under arrest.  Before he could be placed in handcuffs, Rosado pushed a Detective and attempted to run away before he was able to be taken into custody.

Detectives then observed a firearm on the driver’s side floorboard of the car.  The firearm was loaded with 28 rounds of ammunition and a laser attachment.

24 year old Joshua Rosado of Springfield is charged with:

  • Carrying a Loaded Large Capacity Firearm on a Public Way
  • Carrying a Loaded Firearm without a License – 2nd Offense
  • Possession of a Loaded Machine Gun
  • Firearm Violation with 1 Prior Violent/Drug Crime
  • Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License
  • Resisting Arrest