Springfield Community Policing Partnership: Good Neighbor Handbook

An abbreviated guide to quality of life regulations in Springfield

  • The Good Neighbor Handbook outlines ordinances and other laws dealing with quality of life issues in the City of Springfield. It should be an invaluable tool to police, neighborhood groups, business associations and concerned citizens.  The Spanish edition of the Good Neighbor Handbook is available here.  Helpful note: To print the Handbook to paper, with the pages in the proper order, in the Printer Setup, select ‘Print on both sides of paper’, select ‘Flip on short edge’, and select ‘Landscape’.
  • Ordinances have been summarized as simply as possible and are not the exact language of each ordinance. General Ordinance or Zoning Ordinance citations have been referenced for those wishing to read the exact text. The agency charged with enforcement of each ordinance has also been listed. In most cases, non-emergency complaints to the Police Department will be directed to the non-emergency phone (787-6300).
  • Together we can make our city a better place in which to live and work.

Special Note on Meetings in Relation to Covid-19 Pandemic

To ensure social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic, all Springfield Police Department C3 and Beat Management/Sector physical (in-person) meetings will be cancelled until further notice.

Some sectors have been meeting via video conferencing, including the use of the Zoom application.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call or email the Springfield Police Department’s Community Liaison Suehaley Arce at (413) 787-6359 or [email protected].

Stay safe out there and please adhere to all public health guidance to not only keep yourself healthy but anyone you come in contact with.

Civic Associations and Neighborhood Councils

Springfield is fortunate to have many active civic associations and neighborhood councils.

Find your local neighborhood council for information or to become involved.

Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services, telephone 787-6500

Neighborhood Councils and Associations