Springfield Police Cadet Training Program Registration Deadline

Springfield, Mass. — Tomorrow (Wednesday January 25th) is the final day to register to take the 2023 Springfield Police Cadet Training Program exam.
The Cadet Exam will be held January 28th at 9:00 a.m. at a location to be determined.
Along with specialized cadet training, benefits of the program include: Paid Vacation, Holiday and Sick Leave Provisions, Uniforms and a Flexible Work Schedule.
Police cadets who have completed at least three years of service, have obtained an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement and/or Criminal Justice, and meet the requirements are eligible for an appointment to the Springfield Police Department as a Police Officer. To become a Cadet you no longer have to reside in the city at the time of hire, but need to establish residency within one year of being hired.

Follow this link for additional information on the Cadet Training Program
Follow this link for the Registration Form